May 28+29: GREASE Auditions!

It’s the one that we want… GREASE! 

AUDITIONS for the DTG main stage musical production of GREASE will be held at Dhahran Theatre at 5PM on Monday, MAY 28th and Tuesday, MAY 29th.

If you are OUT OF KINGDOM or otherwise cannot make those dates, please contact the Director before auditions. Casting 20 – 24 people, minimum age of 14 years, please. Auditions will consist of acting, singing, and dancing, but there are also adequate roles for singers only and dancers only.

Please note: ‘Sandy’ will audition with ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ and ‘Danny’ with ‘Sandy.’ Remaining roles will sing ‘Summer Nights’. All audition songs are on You Tube; if you’d like exact music, please email the Director beforehand.


Sandy:                        Sweet, wholesome, naïve, cute. Two solos: Hopelessly Devoted to You, Sandra Dee reprise.

Danny:                       Leader of T-Birds. Air of cool easy-going charm, strong, confident. One solo: Sandy

Rizzo:                         Leader of the Pink Ladies. Tough, sarcastic, outspoken but vulnerable. One solo: Sandra Dee

Frenchy:                   Pink Lady. A dreamer, good natured but airheaded, heavily made-up, fussy about hair/ appearance, can’t wait to finish high school and be beautician.

Marty:                       Pink Lady. The beauty; looks older than others, acts sophisticated. Leads song: Freddy My Love.

Jan:                             Pink Lady. Chubby, compulsive eater, loud, pushy with the girls but shy with the boys.

Kenickie:                  T-Bird, second in command. Tough, good looking, tattooed, surly, avoids any show of softness. Offbeat sense of humour. Leads song: Greased Lightning.

Doody:                       T-Bird. Youngest, small, boyish, hero-worships the others, plays guitar, disarming smile. One solo: Those Magic Changes + One duet: Rock and Roll Party Queen.

Roger:                        T-Bird. ‘Anything for a laugh’, full of mischief, a clown who enjoys putting other people on, half backed schemes and ideas. One solo: Mooning, and One duet: Rock and Roll Party Queen.

Sonny:                        T-Bird. Braggart, wheeler-dealer, thinks he is a real lady-killer.

Miss Lynch:            English teacher

Patty Simcox:        Typical cheerleader, attractive, athletic, aggressive, sure of herself, catty, can whirl a baton.

Eugene Florczyk: The class valedictorian. Physically awkward, high-pitched voice, smug, pompous, gullible.

Vince Fontaine:    A typical ‘teen audience’ radio DJ. Slick, egotistical, fast talking. A veteran ‘greaser’.

Johnny Casino:     A ’greaser’ student at Rydell, leads a rock n’ roll band and thinks of himself as a real rock idol. Two solos: Shakin at the High school Prom, Born to Hand Jive.

Cha Cha:                   A blind date. Slovenly, slightly motherly, homely, takes pride in being the best dancer.

Teen Angel:            A good-looking falsetto-voiced Fabian look-alike, a singer who could have caused girls to scream and riot back in 1958. One solo: Beauty School Dropout.

PERFORMANCES on 5,6,7 December.
REHEARSALS commence in September, second Monday of the school Term on Monday and Tuesday afternoons (6-9pm), and Saturday mornings from 9-12. Not all cast required at all rehearsals.

All successful auditioners to be notified by June 3rd; you’ll be asked to attend a preliminary read through on June 5th, where scripts and music will be available and measurements taken for costumes. All cast members are expected to be familiar with the script and the songs when rehearsals start, to minimize the number of required rehearsals.

The Grease production team would like to hear from any persons wanting to be involved, in any on-stage or off-stage capacity, such as in costume, makeup, choreography, singing instruction, set design/construction, etc.

MUSICIANS welcome, too! Please come to the auditions or contact the Director.

DIRECTOR: Lachlan Peter, Ph: 05-3284-6937,
PRODUCER: Aisling Curtin, WhatsApp: 053 594 6721;

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